“My wife and I tried everything to get our little guy to sleep for more than 45 minutes.  We were sleep deprived and the help we received from Crystal at Precious Dreamers helped not only our little guy sleep throughout the night, but allowed my wife and I to actually relax and spend time together.”

Slept In, January 2017

“We just moved into our new home and our toddler wouldn't sleep and was having night terrors.  Precious Dreamers gave us so much information and we realized just how much the moved affected him.  Now he sleeps all night and even sleeps in from time to time.”

            New Home, April 2017

“My 5 year old would take over 3 hours to finally go to sleep.  She would ask for water, endless washroom breaks and tuck ins.  We had finally had enough and realized we need to sleep too.  We called Crystal and she helped us set boundaries and concequences without hours of trantrums.”

Excuses, February 2017


“I was taking my 8 month old to visit my family back home but I was ALONE!  I was terrified of the flight and how he would sleep during the whole trip.  Precious Dreamers took the time to make sure I was comfortable and confident with the training well before left.  He ended up sleeping better and being the best baby EVER during the whole trip and ever since.”

Vacation, August 2014

“My baby would never sleep, she was up 2, 3, 4 sometimes 9 times a night. I was so tiered I could not leave my home or spend time with family and friends. I found Crystal online and I call her.  We did video call she helped me so much explained everything and we talked for weeks.  Thank you so much I sleep so good now and nany so happy!”

Skype, March 2015

“I was so frustrated when I met Crystal.  My 10 year old was having anxiety and sleep problems for reasons I could not finqure out.  Precious Dreamers came to our home, spoke with the whole family and as individuals. Crystal was able to find the reason why she wasn't sleeping and we were able to get her the correct help she needed. You Saved US!”

Saved, December 2016