What are the top 3 things we all need to be healthy?
Sleep . Nutrition . Exercise
Sleep is essential to our health and yet our study of it is still very new.  Millions of us suffer from lack of sleep, fatigue, exhaustion but it’s the other effects we ignore.  Irritability, forgetfulness, depression, weight gain and impaired judgement.  These are early signs are bodies need more rest to repair and restore our bodies.

Crystal Duggan, BBA

  Sleep is important for anyone but essential for a child's development and wellbeing.  As a Sleep Strategist & Adviser my mission is to provide education, direction, confidence and most important support. Insuring your child's wellbeing comes first and all stages of development are not interrupted or altered.

Working together as a family team to raise your confidence of knowing what to do and when to do it.  Providing you with a Toolbox full of information for stages ahead and an improved relationships based on bonding with parents and increased bonds with spouses.
“Targeting Your Sleep Challenges so YOU can handle ANY DAY"

I empower my parents to be the catalysis in their child's sleep journey and life.  Working side by side we create healthy sleep habits for life.  Giving your child a more restful, recharging and rejuvenating sleep.
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Prenatal & Infant Programs
 If you are ready for a clear easy to follow program. One that will get you and your partner ready for the first 3 months after birth. This comprehensive program gives you all the sleep education you will need now and for the future.​

Baby to Toddler 
 Raising Toddlers and tiny teenagers is like taking a rollercoaster in the dark. There are very big highs and meltdown lows.  Dissiplining and staying on track with a routine can be tough, together we will work closely with your child's challenges and get everyone the restful sleep you need.​

Child to Teen
 In a media driven society it is difficult for anyone to not have some kind of negative internal monalog.  Teenagers have it the hardest, with cyber bullying, peerpressure from all angles and technology you can never escape. Sleeping is something that they need the most of but never get enough. Lets get them back to happy and thrieving.
Seminars & Public Speaking 
 Attending one of our seminars or lisenting to us speak at a public/private event is always an encouraging and informative environment. Parents of all different styles come together to SOLVE their child's Sleep Challenges and gain insight.  I enjoy  speaking to large crouds and groups, educating about real sleep for your children.


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